Top Albums of 2012

13 Jan

As some of you may know, I write for the website Indie Vision Music. At the end of each year, all of my staff buddies and I compile lists of out favorite releases of the year and compile them all to show all of our awesome readers what we enjoyed throughout the year. So here is my list:

  1. SONS – Keep Quiet
    This record came out early this year and its’ original music, inspiring lyrics, and captivating vocals have kept me a die hard fan ever since.
  2. Wolves At The Gate – Captors
    The passion alone poured out in this release could be enough for it to gain the attention from me that it did, but the fact that everything else about it is so astounding didn’t hurt it.
  3. The Chariot – One Wing
    The Chariot have been making chaos an art form since 2005 and with that analogy, One Wing is to The Chariot what The Mona Lisa was to da Vinci. This record will be remembered for many years to come.
  4. Showbread – Cancer
    Ever evolving in their sound, Showbread have released another bold concept album that finds the band dabbling in nearly every genre under the sun and what’s more, pulling it off.
  5. Between the Buried & Me – The Paralax II: Future Sequence
    This band has the musical talent of artists twice their age. On top of that, they have tried their hand over the past few years at intertwining a complex story into the mix. The future looks bright for these guys in all aspects as I assume they’ll only get better.
  6. The Wedding – No Direction
    This album is what I have been yearning for since the release of Polarity. 5 years of waiting that was definitely worth the wait as it seems The Wedding has not missed a step.
  7. Anberlin – Vital
    This is the Anberlin record I’ve been waiting for since Cities. It takes the maturity of the band in songwriting and experience, mixed with the youth and excitement of earlier records to make a near perfect release.
  8. For Today – Immortal
    While For Today did not reinvent the wheel by any means, they continue to pump out solid anthems sure to ignite a spark in the hearts of listeners.
  9. To Speak Of Wolves – Find Your Worth
    This was an unexpected surprise of the year, since I was turned off by the debut release from this band. After a front man change, the group revamped their sound into a well oiled machine that overflows with passion and intensity.
  10. House of Heroes – Cold Hard Want
    House of Heroes continue to impress me with each release. Just when I expect to be let down from getting my hopes up too high, they raise the bar.
  11. Children 18:3 – On the Run
    Full of lighthearted punk rock anthems, this album accompanied me on nearly every windows down night drive of the summer.
  12. As I Lay Dying – Awakened 
    AILD have beefed up their sound to accommodate the massive arenas they are sure to be playing after the acclaim they’ll get from this release.
  13. Becoming The Archetype – I AM
    While less technical and progressive from previous releases, this band has trekked on after multiple member changes to create a super fun breakdown fest.
  14. Memphis May Fire – Challenger
    This is a record I struggled to like for much of the year, but when it finally clicked, I realized that it was pure fun, high energy metalcore at its’ finest.
  15. Sent By Ravens – Mean What You Say
    The incredible melodies of the frontman along with the catchy music and lyrics had me loving Mean What You say from the first time I pressed the play button.
  16. Trip Lee – The Good Life
    After hearing Robot, I was hooked. While this album has more mainstream radio appeal than other Trip Lee records, The Good Life is an incredible heartfelt journey from start to finish.
  17. Altars – Conclusions
    This record grew on my in a big way a the year progressed. It has now become a permanent fixture in my playlist with its’ fun, head banging hardcore goodness.
  18. Every Time I Die – Ex Lives
    Every Time I Die are firing on all cylinders with Ex Lives, holding nothing back lyrically or instrumentally.
  19. Lecrae – Gravity
    Lecrae’s most mature release has been breaking records all year, and for good reason. This record is likely to redefine the Christian rap genre.
  20. This or the Apocalypse – Dead Years
    After dealing with disappointment regarding this record for a few months, I finally had a revelation and started to love it for what it was, a solid metalcore release, and not what it was not.
  21. MxPx – Plans Within Plans
    The wait was well worth it, as MxPx didn’t miss a stride in their years of absence. This record is sure to join the ranks of their most acclaimed hits.
  22. Flatfoot 56 – Toil
    While Flatfoot have mellowed out a bit in their later years, they are maturing and developing a sound that is all their own. Hits like Brother, Brother and I Believe are evidence of this
  23. Further Seems Forever – Penny Black
    Another comeback story, Further Seems Forever explode back into the scene with some of the best songs in the genre of the year.
  24. The Overseer – We Search, We Dig
    While some write The Overseer off as merely another Underoath wannabe, the band shows incredible potential to develop a sound all their own sure to melt the faces off of the naysayers.
  25. Ascend the Hill – O Ransomed Son
    This is my worship record of the year. AtH have proven that worship music is more than just four simple chords repeated over generic lyrics.
  26. Lecrae – Church Clothes
    This record was offered for free to bride the gap between secular and Christian rap. With a bold move like that you know Lecrae had to bring his best, most sincere music up to that point to show the masses what he was all about.
  27. Matt & Toby – Self Titled
    While this is practically just a laid back Emery record, that’s never a bad thing in my book. Lyrics of heartbreak and hope flow out of this duo accompanied by a chill backing of semi acoustic music.
  28. MyChildren MyBride – Self Titled
    This record was my working out record for the majority of the year, blasting this as I’d go for runs and hit the wights. This release is pedal to the floor from start to finish.
  29. Being As An Ocean – Dear G-D…
    While some could just write this off as another “Ambient hardcore” record, Dear G-d is so much more. The imagery created by the lyrics accommodated by the subtle music is some of the best I have heard in the recent years.
  30. Say Anything – Anarchy, My Dear 
    While to many listeners’ dismay, frontman Max Bemis has chilled out in his old age. This however, is much to my glee as now that Bemis has a much happier outlook on life, his music reflects that, making a soundtrack that I couldn’t stop listening to.

Unsigned Full Lengths

  1. The Classic Crime – Phoenix
  2. Project 86 – Wait For the Siren
  3. Abel – Make it Right
  4. Not One is Upright – Beauty is a Fleeting Thing
  5. Circa Survive – Violent Waves
  6. Mewithoutyou – Ten Stories
  7. ElisaRay – All Creatures
  8. O.C. Supertones – For the Glory
  9. Atombender – Wait of the World
  10. Ashtree – Rescue the Light


  1. My Maker and I – Hundredfold
  2. Young & Heartless – Strange World
  3. Transitent – We Do Not Loose Heart
  4. The Walking Tree – Glorious
  5. The Modern Post – Grace Alone

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